E-liquid: What is it?& Ingredients

What is in e-liquid? And what is it that makes all that vapor? There are two ingredients that make the vapor. Those two are propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. The other ingredients are nic and flavoring. The nic and flavoring account for about 8% to 10% of the total composition of e-juice. The rest of […]

E-Sheesha: What is it?

E-Sheesha – What is it? E-cig or E-Sheesha’s are now widely used around the globe as an alternative to traditional smoking. It’s available in many different shapes and sizes but the actual smoking pipe designed just like a long pen which is another reason for some calling it a Sheesha pen. In many the Middle […]

Negative effects of vaping?

What are the negative effects of vaping? What are the negative effects of vaping? Vaping is still relatively new and many of the facts are still unknown. Still today, arguments will arise about the comparison of vaping to smoking cigarettes. Is vaping dangerous? Is vaping a healthier alternative for smoking? What are the side effects […]